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E-Commerce Consulting
& Investments

With 7+ years of Experience in Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Strategies I spent over $8M in ads and generated approximately $20M in sales. Also invested more than $1M in Real Estate Crowdfunding, Stock Market, P2P Lending, and other type of assets.

Our Services

My Services

Because of my years of experience and past success in the E-Commerce Industry, Team Leading, and as an investor, I am able to provide multiple services to help your business grow.

E-Commerce Scaling and Branding Strategy

Already running profitable Ads for your Business but can't scale to the next level or come up with a new long term strategy? Let's talk, I can help you with this.

Team Management and Process Optimization

Managing a team to make sure they follow your vision is a difficult task. I can help you to implement new processes and optimize existing ones.

Media Buying Strategy (FB, Tiktok, IG, Pinterest)

Looking to start running Ads but not sure about the platform to use and strategy to test? Depending on your business category / niche we can make a plan.

Building Passive Income with P2P Lending Investment

Looking to invest some of the profit from your business to build passive income? I am using many platforms and there are opportunities we can work on.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Investment Strategy and Optimization

Want to invest in Real Estate without having to buy Physical Real Estate? I am investing in multiple online alternatives with geat returns.

Long term Investment Plan through ETFs and Dividends

Interested to invest in the Stock Market with a long term strategy? I am also able to help you define a strategy and acheive long term goals.


“Nicolas was a great Sales Manager and managed over 20 people [...] researchers, launchers, media buyers & the content team & generated over 2M EUR in the 6 months he was with us.”

Wouter Akika


Ready to find out more?

Whether you are looking for E-commerce Consulting, Scaling Strategy, recruting someone to Manage your Team and help your business grow, or even investment strategy, I am ready to work with you and make your business grow.

Let's get in touch!

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