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Case Studies


Helping an Outdoor Brand in UK during their high season.


This was a 2 months project, they had a dedicated website to sell their unique product and were looking to try Facebook Advertising this year. I made a few unique videos, prepared an advertising campaign and retargeting strategy, then quickly launched as the high season already started.


I was able to scale fast and get great results. The company got almost 500 000 USD in Sales in only 6 weeks, nearly 10 000 Orders for a total of 160 000 USD spent in Advertising. And a Return On Investment of 3.12. 

















Long term project, around 6 months.


This brand already started ads and was looking to scale more and launch new countries. I was able to create 45 campaigns, launch many new countries all around the world, reach 100 Million people and in 6 months they got more than 80 000 new customers.


The total spent was about 2.5 Million USD on this project. Customers were buying from ClickFunnels and total ROAS was above 2 for a net profit of 25% (using Paypal and Stripe).

























































On this market we only offered Cash On Delivery to customers. This is an example of some ROAS in january 2021 for around 15 000 USD spent in ads. There are a lot of markets in COD (Cash on Delivery) that I have had the chance to scale and the results were great especially in countries like Philippines and Indonesia.































































Using Clifckfunnels I was also able to scale multiple Funnels for E-Commerce in Europe and in the USA for Health and Beauty Products. ClickFunnels has been working very well to create high converting landing pages and custom checkout pages. Here are a few examples of previous work and results.

































































More recently, I was part of a Health and Beauty Brand Scaling in Germany to 15.000$/day in ads. As a sales Manager I was paid a % of the profit and leading a Team of around 10 people with daily meetings, strategy and content optimization. We had great results and a very profitable strategy of constantly testing new materials (25%+ Net Profit) for about 7 months.


Here is an example of Daily and Weekly performance:















New case study for a Pets Brand on Tiktok. Here I have started to scale a Brand on Tiktok, the average order value is 13$ with a supplier cost at 3$ and average CPA under 4$, which is good so far and very profitable.

I am using a vertical scale testing multiple interests and duplicating the best performing Ad Sets, testing 3 videos per Ad Set with a total of 9 videos so far (only UGC).

I am also using different strategies like "Initiate Checkout" instead of "Place an Order" for a few Ad Sets and another Traffic Campaign with 20$ Daily.



















Here is another case study running Meta ads for a Brand that was using only Tiktok Ads and wanted to start with FB/IG. We used UGC from Tiktok ad tested 6 different videos, we were able to go from 0 to around 120 orders in 2 weeks with a CPA around 2$. The goal now is to slowly scale it.


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