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Case Studies


During my years of working in the E-Commerce industry and scaling multiple ad campaigns I have been able to generate 7 figures profit and start to invest in different assets with the cash flow available. Here are some case studies about my investments.

The investments are divided in multiple categories from low risk to high risk and long term to short term, the goal is to have a well balanced portfolio with one part for long term growth and dividends, another part for monthly steady passive income and growth. Then a last small part for high risk invesments.




My invesments for long term growth and dividends are only ETFs at the moment, I have selected around 15 ETFs after a lot of analysis on the 10 years growth, dividends growth, Fund Overlap, Correlation, Size, Fees, and more.

ETF are from different sectors like Technology, Real Estate, Health and more (example: SP500, NASDAQ 100, RUSSELL 1000, some REITs...). 


The goal is to have 50% of my total portfolio investments in ETFs with a long term vision of 15 to 20 years.

How do I invest? at the moment I use a DCA strategy (Dollar Cost Average), it means whatever happens I invest a small amount in each selected ETF, usually every Friday.


Depending on what's happening with the markets I adapt this strategy to a "light" DCA to have a lot of cash ready especially right now in 2023 and the current market situation.

This investment is the most passive as it requires only 30 minutes per week to DCA and follow the important news from time to time.

I do not invest in Individual Stock but that's something I plan to do in the next months, as well as Options.



My second biggest investment is with P2P Lending, the goal here is to have 25% of the total portfolio dedicated to this type of investment. It's mostly about Lending your money to other people through different platforms.

It's also a very passive investment and we can get up to 15% return (in reality 10 to 12% because of the late payments) but I like to be more active in this one because there are a lot of things we can optimize and analyze.

Each platforms list Loans from different LO (Loan originators) and it's important to select the best LO (comparing risk reward, checking audited financial reports, % of late loans and more), then we can create automated investment strategies and contantly reinvest.

There are also secondary markets were we can find discounted loans very often, this can easily help us to boost the return 1 or 2% more.

Loans repayments are made monthly most of the time, it's good for contant cash flow, but it's important to setup automatic strategy if you don't want your funds to be uninvested for a long time.

I am currently using 7 platforms for P2P Lending which allows me to be diversified to Lending in multiple countries around the world. And I'm also part of many groups where we talk about the lastest news about each platforms.

This kind of investment takes about 3 hours per week, being a bit active to optimize returns and moving cash flow around to minimize cash drag.

Here are some screenshots of the returns we can expect after a year:























































































































The third part of my portfolio is dedicated to Real Estate but not Physical Real Estate, it's around 15% of the total portfolio.

I invest in Real Estate projects through different platforms, it can be Loans to buy and let some apartments, office or restaurants, Loans for revonations, constructions or directly Share of Real Estate to get a % of the rent each month.


It's mostly in Europe, and in many countries like Spain, France, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Moldova and more.


The returns are from 7% to 15 or even 16%. 7% returns is considered low risk and it's usually for "Buy to Let", we get a percentage of the rent each month, and capital growth when we want to resell our shares. This has been performing very well the past year as Real Esate prices have gone up considerably, capital growth can easily be around 10% when reselling. It means your Shares are worth 10% more than a year ago.


15% returns in the other hand are more risky, for example for constructions in Moldova, a lot of very attractive projects are currently going on. I don't have any issues so far with them but we have less control due to the political environment (if we compare to Spain, France for example) or in case of late payments.

I am also a bit active of this kind of investment, around 2 hours a week, the goal is to find some interesting Shares to buy under the market price and boost the returns by 1 or 2%, keep a balanced portfolio between countries and reinvest in new projects depending on the current opportunities.

Here are some screenshots of my current Real Estate Investments and returns you can expect:







































































The last 10% of my Portfolio is dedicated to other investments that are more "high risk high reward" or investments that I call "test" or even investments that I do not personally believe in but still alocate a few % so I'm sure to not miss something big and not have any regret.


First one is with a Robot Trading for Gold, after some research and recommendations from people using this kind of tools for a long time I decided to start. Basically the Robot is making 1 trade per day and the returns are on average 10% per month, one month can be at 20% and the next month -5%.

The goal is to keep it running for 2 or 3 years fully reinvested. If we use a compound interest calculator it could go x30. I am also interested to put some money in other Robot Trading tools with good and transparent track record.

Then I'm also in Crypto, I have 3 different type of investments in crypto.


The first type is buy and hold the top 5 Crypto Currency with a light DCA and a long term vision of 10 years or more.


The second type is with High Saving Interest rates, I hold some USDT with 8% interest and a few crypto currencies offering up to 12% interest rate. This way I can make money if these crypto currencies go up in value but also with the interest generated. Same for the USDT, I make money on them while waiting to use them to DCA into the top crypto currencies.

And the third type is mainly about investing in small cap crypto currencies that are not listed on any big exchanges yet but have a potential of doing x100 or more in the next 2 to 3 years. It requires a lot of research and also recommendations from people I personally know and have proven results in doing this in the past. I really consider this almost like gambling.

After that I'm investing in other crowdfunding platforms focused on financing the agricultural sector, with returns from 10 to 12% it's very good so far. 

And more recently in the Contemporary Art Market through a platform in the US as the long term Returns are excellent.

I don't have other type of investments for now, only some physical gold or watches but I consider them more as a reserve of value.

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