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My Resume



Dedicated, profit-driven Digital Marketing Expert with 7+ years of experience developing and executing digital marketing & e-commerce strategies. History of driving successful business development, customer acquisition and retention, and brand visibility for B2C clients.


Track record of investing $1M in real estate, stock market, P2P lending platforms, and crypto with the dividends from previous businesses in Singapore and Hong Kong. Illustrious background in spending over $8M in ads and successfully generating approximately $20M in sales for 50 e-commerce stores worldwide.


Adept at conducting market & competitor research to creatively devise and lead cross-channel marketing campaigns to raise online brand awareness. Expert in technical and conceptual content development of sales-driving collateral to improve product performance, sales volume, and marketing.



  • Digital Marketing Strategy Creation e-commerce (Ad & Marketing) Website

  • Development & Scaling Digital Communication Tools

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Market & Competitors Research

  • Consumer Goods Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • Content Creation & Copywriting

  • Business Development & Growth

  • Client Positioning & Engagements

  • Stakeholders Relationship Building

  • Value Proposition & Messaging

  • Online Brand Awareness

  • Public Speaking & Communication



AKIKA WOUTER – Bangkok, Thailand 2021 – 2022

Sales Manager

Managed organizational sales by developing a business plan covering sales, revenue, and expense controls. Tracked and analyzed sales statistics based on key quantitative metrics.



  • Provided e-commerce consulting services in health and beauty industry.

  • Reported to CEO and worked on marketing strategy and growth to achieve long-term company goals.

  • Generated over $3M revenue and achieved profitable sales growth by managing a team of 10 consisting of media buyers, content researchers, and proofreaders.

  • Conducted daily/weekly Zoom meetings for check-in, strategy, decision making, and process improvement.


INOSKY LTD. – Hong Kong 2017 – 2022

Managing Director

Maintained successful company operations by implementing business strategies and fostering business relationships. Planned market development activities and worked on growth by setting up Cash on Delivery businesses and warehousing in multiple countries, including Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Brazil, and Bangladesh.



  • Spearheaded design, creation, and scaling of e-commerce websites for brands and general stores with over $5M revenue.

  • Established and maintained trusted relationships with shareholders and business partners, as well as enforced company policies and legal guidelines all the way from the top down in the company.


INOVAXIA PTE LTD. – Singapore 2017 – 2022


Formulated and instigated business strategies to achieve short and long-term goals. Spearheaded a team of 12 to analyze problematic situations and provide solutions to ensure company growth.



  • Led development and scaling of e-commerce websites for brands and general stores with a total of over $10M revenue.

  • Generated millions in profits for over 50 e-Commerce Stores in multiple countries worldwide.

  • Scaled ads strategy with a daily budget of over $50k while optimizing content, conversion, AOV, and upselling.

  • Delegated responsibilities and supervised the work of executives to drive optimum performance.


MONSIEUR NICOLAS VALLAT – Tarbes 2014 – 2017

Managing Director

Established and operated a business based on distance selling on a general catalog. Orchestrated all aspects of the e-commerce and marketing strategy to maximize websites’ digital performance and sales. Focused on big picture decisions and the overall direction of the brand’s digital presence.



Created websites for local physical stores and performed advertising on social media and e-commerce websites.Provided thought leadership in managing internet marketing solutions, social media integration, search engine optimization (SEO), and other monitoring methodologies and analytics.




Université de Toulouse – Toulouse



  • FB & TikTok Ads Manager

  • Data Analysis

  • Process Optimization

  • Shopify


  • English – Fluent

  • French – Native

  • Spanish – Basic

  • Thai – Basic

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