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Want to Start Investing?

Here are a few platforms I use to invest in P2P Lending, Agricultural Loans and Real Estate to generate an average of 15% per year.You can register through these links to receive 1% bonus on each platform.

Afranga is a Bulgarian P2P lending platform that allows you to invest in consumer loans from the Bulgarian lending company StikCredit. 14% per year.

Reinvest is a famous Estonian P2P lending platform that allows users to invest in rental properties, development projects, and real estate-backed loans. Up to 15% per year. Also get 10€ Sign up Bonus!

Robocash is a (peer-to-peer) P2P lending platform registered in Croatia. The platform’s primary focus is to fund short-term loans secured by its 30-day buyback guarantee and an annual yield of up to 13%. Get 1% Bonus!

Mintos is the largest and most sophisticated P2P site in all of Europe (including the UK). More than €6 billion of loans have been purchased through Mintos so far, and it has over 400,000 registered investors. Get 1% Bonus + 50€.

Esketit is a newly launched P2P lending platform owned by the multinational lending company CreamFinance. Currently, you can invest in loans with an average annual return of 14% + 1% Bonus.

Kviku Finance was launched in February 2020. Since its launch, Kviku has been growing rapidly. Today, you will find over 3,000 investors on the platform that earn an average annual return of 12.00% + 20€ Bonus.

Getincome is a newly launched website that allows you to invest in loans from six lending companies that operate in different markets. Investing in Income Marketplace can earn you up to 15% annual interest + 1% Bonus

Nordstreet is a real estate crowdfunding platform from Lithuania. The P2P platform lists real estate and business loans from and around Vilnius which are backed by collateral or guarantees. Investors earn on average around 12%. + 15€ Bonus.

Lande is a newly launched platform that allows you to invest in agricultural loans backed by grain for up to 14% interest per year. Investing in asset-backed loans with a maximum LTV of 60%. Get 1% Bonus on your investment!

I am available for Coaching and Consulting.

Whether you're looking to:

- Boost/Optimize your returns
- Use secondary markets at your advantage
- Be the first to invest in new listed opportunities
- Go in deep to find the best Loan Originators and Projetcts

Financial freedom is just one step away!

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